The Lower Neches Valley Authority (LNVA) is one of the 23 River Authorities created by the State of  Texas to develop and manage the waters of the State.  Each of these River Authorities was granted powers to conserve, store, control, preserve, utilize, and distribute the waters of its respective area for the benefit of its residents.

The State Legislature, in 1933, granted authority to LNVA to operate within Tyler, Hardin, Liberty, Chambers and Jefferson Counties, located within the Neches River Basin and the Neches-Trinity Coastal Basin.

The Neches Basin is located in East Texas.  The watersheds of the Neches River and its tributaries occupy an area of approximately 10,300 square miles. The river rises near Colfax, Texas and flows generally southward for a distance of 416 miles before entering the coastal estuary, Sabine Lake, and ultimately into the Gulf of Mexico.

The area receives generous amounts of rainfall, producing stream flows in the Neches  and its tributaries of around 5,600,000 acre-feet of water a year at its mouth at Port Arthur, Texas. The Basin is generally rural in nature, for the most part heavily forested,  and Beaumont is its only city with population over 100,000.  Among  the  remaining  cities  (from north to south)  are Tyler, Jacksonville,  Palestine,  Nacogdoches,  Lufkin,  Jasper, Woodville,   Silsbee,  and Port Arthur.

In Sabine Lake,  Neches River waters combine with waters of  the Sabine River. Together these large, combined streams flow through the deep water Sabine-Neches Ship Channel, Sabine Lake and surrounding marshes into the Gulf of Mexico at Sabine Pass, Texas. Saltwater from the Gulf customarily intermingles with the freshwater sources in Sabine Lake, producing brackish to salty conditions and a haven for both freshwater and saltwater fish and shellfish, as well as waterfowl.   

The quality of the Neches River freshwater is excellent for all beneficial uses and is the source of supply for cities, industries and farms throughout the basin.

For more information, please search our remaining web site links. For detailed information, you are welcome to contact the  LNVA  Administrative Office by mail at  P.O. Box 5117, Beaumont, Texas 77726-5117, by telephone at (409) 892-4011, or by telefacsimile at (409) 898-2468. The contact person at any of these addresses is Scott Hall, General Manager.