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Public Information

The Lower Neches Valley Authority was created when the Texas Legislature passed a Comprehensive Act in 1933. As a water conservation and reclamation district, Lower Neches Valley Authority is a non-profit agency of the State of Texas with no power to levy or collect taxes of any kind. The Authority is funded by revenue from the sale of both raw and treated water to municipal, industrial and agricultural customers.

The Lower Neches Valley Authority is the local sponsor for three Corps of Engineers projects: Sam Rayburn Reservoir, B.A. Steinhagen Reservoir, and the Neches River Saltwater Barrier. The Authority also operates the North Regional Treatment Plant for industrial waste treatment, and the West Regional Water Treatment System for the production and distribution of potable water.


2018 Directors and Officers

With a jurisdictional area that includes all of Jefferson, Hardin and Tyler Counties and parts of Liberty and Chambers Counties, the Lower Neches Valley Authority is committed to developing and managing a system which will meet the present and long term freshwater needs of municipal, agricultural and industrial consumers, to protecting its quality, to insuring its affordability, and establishing conditions which will enhance economic development throughout the Authority’s area of jurisdiction.

The operations of Lower Neches Valley Authority are governed by a nine-member Board of Directors appointed by the Governor of Texas. The directors are residents of the area and serve six-year terms. The Authority has 95 employees for operations and the execution of Board policies and programs.


  • Lonnie B. Grissom, Jr.
  • Kal A Kincaid
  • Steven R. “Steve” Lucas
  • Steven McReynolds
  • Clint A. Mitchell
  • Virginia “Ivy” Pate
  • Charles “Caleb” Spurlock
  • Juanita “Jeanie” Turk
  • William D. “Bill” Voigtman


  • PRESIDENT – Ivy Pate
  • VICE PRESIDENT – Steve Lucas
  • SECRETARY – Jeanie Turk
  • TREASURER – Kal Kincaid

2018 Committees


  • Ivy Pate, Chair
  • Kal Kincaid
  • Jeanie Turk
  • Steve Lucas


  • Kal Kincaid, Chair
  • Steve Lucas
  • Steve McReynolds
  • Bill Voigtman


  • Steve Lucas, Chair
  • Kal Kincaid
  • Clint Mitchell


  • Caleb Spurlock, Chair
  • Steve McReynolds

Public Relations

  • Jeanie Turk, Chair
  • Lonnie Grissom


  • Lonnie Grissom, Chair
  • Caleb Spurlock
  • Jeanie Turk

Business Development

This committee will be made up of all the committee chairs and meet on an as needed basis.

2018 Industrial  Development Corporation

Directors & Officers

  • PRESIDENT – Steve McReynolds
  • Lonnie Grissom

Financing Program

In addition to the North Regional Treatment System, the LNVA has issued over $200,000,000 dollars in bonds to construct other water and air environmental improvement facilities.  LNVA has also financed several manufacturing and service facilities within its district, which generate employment and expand commercial activities.

Current Audited Financial Statements

Standard Purchase Order Terms and Conditions


Meetings 2018

January 08, 2018Operations CommitteeAgenda
January 23, 2018Board of DirectorsAgenda
February 20, 2018Board of DirectorsAgenda
February 20, 2018Finance CommitteeAgenda
March 20, 2018Board of DirectorsAgenda
April 17, 2018Board of DirectorsAgenda
May 11, 2018Legislative CommitteeAgenda
May 15, 2018Board of DirectorsAgenda
June 11, 2018Operations CommitteeAgenda
June 19, 2018Board of DirectorsAgenda
July 10, 2018Operations CommitteeAgenda
July 17, 2018Board of DirectorsAgenda
August 21, 2018Board of DirectorsAgenda
September 12, 2018Personnel CommitteeAgenda
September 18, 2018Board of DirectorsAgenda
October 03, 2018Finance CommitteeAgenda
November 29, 2018Personnel CommitteeAgenda

Meeting Archives

Water Rates Schedule 2018

1,000 gallonsAcre Foot1,000 gallonsAcre FootRate Change% Change
Mining - Reservoir $0.58$188.99$0.60$196.00$0.023%
Spot Purchase/Excess Rate$0.50$162.93$0.80$260.68$0.3060%
Industrial - Contracted (1)$0.35$114.05$0.40$130.34$0.0514%
Municipal - Contracted (1)$0.26$84.72$0.30$97.76$0.0415%
Agriculture Water
Rice Irrigation Rate (2)$0.09$29.33$0.10$32.60$3.2711%
Crawfish Water$0.09$29.33$0.10$32.60$3.2711%
Ag-Rice Crop$0.09$29.33$0.10$32.60$3.2711%
Ag-Turf/Hay/Leveling/Livestock, other$0.09$29.33$0.10$32.60$3.2711%
Reservation Rate - Industry$0.18$57.02$0.20$65.20$0.0314%
Reservation Rate-Municipality$0.13$42.36$0.15$48.90$0.0215%
Duck Water (Recreation)$75/Acre$750 min$86.50/Acre$865 min$11.5016%
Potable Water (Bolivar SUD)$61,485 /Month
$0.90 /1,000 gal.
$0.90 /1,000 gal.
North Regional Water Treatment100% Cost Reimbursement100% Cost Reimbursement
Plus: Management Fee$7,500 /Month$7,500 /Month$00%
30% of Operating Labor (Est.)$42,674 /Month$44,627 /Month$1,9530%
Allocation of Overhead$21,042 /Month$21,442 /Month$4000%
(1) $200 per month minimum; Plus Fuel Surcharge when Natural Gas rate exceeds $4.00 per MMBTU
(2) consumption of 3.50 acre-feet per acre farmed on unmetered 1st crop rice fields and consumption of 1.50 acre-feet per acre farmed on unmetered 2nd crop rice fields.


The following data is being made available by Lower Neches Valley Authority and has been collected by United States Geological Survey (USGS), National Ocean Survey (NOS), Lamar University Beaumont (LUB), Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TECQ), Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) and Lower Neches Valley Authority (LNVA), and is furnished “as is”. The data has not been quality controlled and may contain errors. LNVA makes no warranties (including no warranties as to merchantability or fitness) either expressed or implied with respect to the data or its fitness for any specific application.