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Clean Rivers Program


In 1991 the Texas Clean Rivers Program was introduced as a state-funded, non-regulatory program dedicated to developing a collaboration with local entities to help manage and improve water quality issues within each river basin. The Clean Rivers Program is a partnership between the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), LNVA and stakeholders working to assess, maintain and improve the quality of surface waters within the Lower Neches basin. The program uses a watershed management approach to identify and evaluate water quality issues, establish priorities for corrective action and work to implement those actions.

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Program Objectives

  • Provide quality-assured data to TCEQ for use in decision making
  • Identify and evaluate water quality issues
  • Promote cooperative watershed planning
  • Recommend management strategies
  • Inform and engage stakeholders
  • Maintain efficient use of public funds
Quality Assurance Project Plan

Lower Neches River Basin/Neches-Trinity Coastal Basin:

Scope of Work

Clean Rivers Program Coordinated Monitoring Schedule

Clean Rivers Integrated Report of Surface Water Quality

Continuous Ambient Monitoring Station 749 on Pine Island Bayou

For more information on LNVA’s local CRP efforts, or to become a member e-mail us.


Major Rivers

A Texas Specific Water Education Program

Major Rivers and his horse Aquifer will make learning all about water in Texas irresistibly fun. Major Rivers is a water education program designed to teach students about Texas’ major water resources, how water is treated and delivered to their homes and schools, how to care for their water resources, and how to use them wisely. The program’s host, Major Rivers (named for the major rivers of Texas), and his horse Aquifer cover these topics in eight lessons that include a variety of activities in science, math, language arts, social studies and other subjects.


The Clean Rivers Program Partners

Clean Rivers Program partners work together in an effort to improve water quality in LNVA’s jurisdiction.

For a list of the Texas Clean Rivers Program Partners click here.

Texas Stream Team

Texas Stream Team is a group of citizen scientists who are trained to collect and submit surface water and environmental quality data that can be used to help protect the thousands of miles of Texas waterways. Becoming a local Stream Team member is a great way for concerned citizens to join together and help promote a healthy and safe environment through environmental education, data collection, and community action. If you are interested in becoming a member and would like to be informed of our next training, please Email us for more information.


Clean Rivers Program Steering Committee Meetings

Clean Rivers Program Stakeholder Newsletter


Basin Highlights Reports

Lower Neches River and Neches-Trinity Coastal Basin

Year Report File
2003 Basin Highlights Download PDF
2004 Basin Summary Download PDF
2005 Basin Highlights Download PDF
2006 Basin Highlights Download PDF
2007 Basin Highlights Download PDF
2008 Basin Highlights Download PDF
2009 Basin Highlights Download PDF
2010 Basin Summary Download PDF
2011 Basin Highlights Download PDF
2012 Basin Highlights Download PDF
2013 Basin Highlights Download PDF
2014 Basin Highlights Download PDF
2015 Basin Summary Download PDF
2016 Basin Highlights Download PDF
2017 Basin Highlights Download PDF
2018 Basin Highlights Download PDF
2019 Basin Highlights Download PDF
2020 Basin Highlights Download PDF
2021 Basin Summary Download PDF
2022 Basin Highlights Download PDF
2023 Basin Highlights Download PDF
2024 Basin Highlights Download PDF