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Water Rates

Water Rates Schedule 2023

1,000 GallonsAcre Foot1,000 GallonsAcre Foot Rate Change
Spot Purchase (3)$4.2000$4.4000 $0.2000
Industrial - Contracted (1)$0.4200$0.4400$0.2000
Municipal - Contracted (1)$0.3150$0.3300$0.01504.76% 
Excess Municipal & Industrial$0.8400$0.8800$0.04004.76%
Mining - Reservoir$1.2600$1.3200$0.06004.76%
Mining Excess Rate$2.5200$2.6400$0.12004.76%
Agriculture Water 
Rice Irrigation Rate (2)$34.22$37.50$3.289.59%
Crawfish Water$34.22$37.50$3.289.59%
Ag-Rice Crop$34.22$37.50$3.289.59%
Ag-Turf/Hay/Leveling/Livestock, other$34.22$37.50$3.289.59%
Reservation Rate - Industry$0.2100$68.50$0.2200$71.70$0.014.76%
Reservation Rate-Municipality$0.1538$50.20$0.165$50.20$0.000.00%
Duck Water (Recreation) (4)$90.00/Acre$900.00 min$40.00n/an/a
Potable Water (Bolivar SUD)$88,195 /Month $0.96 /1,000 gal. $90,545 /Month $0.96 /1,000 gal.$2,350 $0.002.7% 0.0%
North Regional Water Treatment100% Cost Reimbursement100% Cost Reimbursement
Plus: Management Fee$7,500 /Month$7,500 /Month$00.0%
30% of Operating Labor (Est.)$48,315/Month$48,323 /Month$80.0%
Allocation of Overhead$21,758/Month$21,758 /Month$00.0%

(1) $200 per month minimum; Plus Fuel Surcharge when Natural Gas rate exceeds $5.50 per MMBTU
(2) consumption of 3.50 acre-feet per acre farmed on unmetered 1st crop rice fields and consumption of 1.50 acre-feet per acre farmed on unmetered 2nd crop rice fields.
(3) In 2019, the spot purchase is split from the excess rate
(4) $500 sign-up fee plus $40.00 per acre-foot