Meetings 2022

January 18, 2022Board of DirectorsAgenda
February 04, 2022Legislative/Policy CommitteeAgenda
February 15, 2022Board of DirectorsAgenda
February 23, 2022Executive CommitteeAgenda
March 04, 2022Legislative/Policy CommitteeAgenda
March 15, 2022Board of DirectorsAgenda
April 01, 2022Legislative/Policy CommitteeAgenda
April 19, 2022Executive CommitteeAgenda
April 19, 2022Board of DirectorsAgenda
May 06, 2022Legislative/Policy CommitteeAgenda
May 10, 2022Finance CommitteeAgenda
May 17, 0222Board of DirectorsAgenda
June 02, 2022Personnel Committee Agenda
June 20, 2022Operations CommitteeAgenda
June 21, 2022Board of DirectorsAgenda
July 13, 2022Operations CommitteeAgenda
July 19, 2022Board of DirectorsAgenda
July 22, 2022Board of DirectorsAgenda
August 02, 2022Board of DirectorsAgenda
August 05, 2022Legislative/Policy CommitteeAgenda
August 09, 2022Finance CommitteeAgenda
August 11, 2022Operations CommitteeAgenda
August 16, 2022Board of DirectorsAgenda


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