Water Rates Schedule

Water Rates Schedule 2023

1,000 gallonsAcre Foot1,000 gallonsAcre FootRate Change
Spot Purchase (3)$4.2000$4.4000$0.2000
Industrial - Contracted (1)$0.4200$0.4400$0.2000
Municipal - Contracted (1)$0.3150$0.3300$0.01504.76%
Excess Municipal & Industrial$0.8400$0.8800$0.04004.76%
Mining - Reservoir $1.2600$1.3200$0.06004.76%
Mining Excess Rate$2.5200$2.6400$0.12004.76%
Agriculture Water
Rice Irrigation Rate (2)$34.22$37.50$3.289.59%
Crawfish Water$34.22$37.50$3.289.59%
Ag-Rice Crop$34.22$37.50$3.289.59%
Ag-Turf/Hay/Leveling/Livestock, other$34.22$37.50$3.289.59%
Reservation Rate - Industry$0.2100$68.50$0.2200$71.70$0.014.76%
Reservation Rate-Municipality$0.1538$50.20$0.165$50.20$0.000.00%
Duck Water (Recreation) (4)$90.00/Acre$900.00 min$40.00n/an/a
Potable Water (Bolivar SUD)$88,195 /Month
$0.96 /1,000 gal.
$90,545 /Month
$0.96 /1,000 gal.
North Regional Water Treatment100% Cost Reimbursement100% Cost Reimbursement
Plus: Management Fee$7,500 /Month$7,500 /Month$00.0%
30% of Operating Labor (Est.)$48,315/Month$48,323 /Month$80.0%
Allocation of Overhead$21,758/Month$21,758 /Month$00.0%
(1) $200 per month minimum; Plus Fuel Surcharge when Natural Gas rate exceeds $5.50 per MMBTU
(2) consumption of 3.50 acre-feet per acre farmed on unmetered 1st crop rice fields and consumption of 1.50 acre-feet per acre farmed on unmetered 2nd crop rice fields.
(3) In 2019, the spot purchase is split from the excess rate
(4) $500 sign-up fee plus $40.00 per acre-foot


The following data is being made available by Lower Neches Valley Authority and has been collected by United States Geological Survey (USGS), National Ocean Survey (NOS), Lamar University Beaumont (LUB), Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TECQ), Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) and Lower Neches Valley Authority (LNVA), and is furnished “as is”. The data has not been quality controlled and may contain errors. LNVA makes no warranties (including no warranties as to merchantability or fitness) either expressed or implied with respect to the data or its fitness for any specific application.